Hotel fazenda paraThe right place for your kids

Entertainers for all ages


Our enterainers are the Santinhos do Santa Monica

Serenity for you and certified entertainment for your children. Our entertainers were kindly named Santinhos do Santa Monica and are constantly preparing new activities for make sure your children are having fun. Come see the Hotel Fazenda Santa Monica and create great moments with your family.


Santinhos: assured fun for all.

The Hotel Fazenda Santa Monica has an incredible team of entertainers. They are called Santinhos and develop activities for all kids. We assure you your children will have a lot of fun at the Hotel Santa Monica while you take your time to relax and enjoy the hotel. There are many different activities and a schedule especially made for children. The number of entertainers may vary according to the hotel’s occupation.


Our playground is located at a area of easy acess with sand flor in all its extension. The toys follow the most rigid security norms. We have a trampoline, a bid station with many different toys, a swing and a doll house.

Toy Library

The hotel has 3 different spaces reserved for the assembly of the toy library and that is determined by the number of people housed. In all three spaces, the floor is covered by a PVC carpet or sinthetic grass and an infinity of toys like puzzles, trampolines, seesaws and tables for children to draw. The space in which the toy library is located may vary according to the hotel’s occupation.

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