Important Warnings

• Hotel’s Voltage: 220 Volts

Canceling Policy: Leisure
The reservations will be considered efective after
sending the RESERVATION VOUCHER, which is
forwarded only after the identifying the client’s deposit in our bank account. We return the reservation signal integrally in 10 working days, in cases cases of cancelling requests solicitated with 15 days of antecedence before the check-in. In cases of cancelling requests made with antecedence milder than 15 days, the value of the signal in credits will be converted into being utilized in until 90 dias, according to the hotel’s disponibility. If one does not attend to the day assigned for the check-in, payment for the whole period stated in the reservation will be charged.

Cancelling Policy: Events and Groups.
Once the event is confirmed through the payment of the signal, if desistance or cancelling happens for any of the sides, the desistent part must pay the other, according the following parameters, starting at the value of the contract,
a) até 6 dias anteriores à data do evento……………………………70% do valor estimado;
b) entre 7 e 14 dias anteriores à data do evento………………….50% do valor estimado;
c) acima de 15 dias anteriores à data do evento………………….30% do valor estimado.

• Team of enterteiners with activities divided by ages. According to the hotel’s occupation, the way the activities are organized may change. Please consult the recreation schedule assigned for the period.

•The room’s fridge is a comodity offered so that the products sold by the holtel are well conserved. In case the guest wants to use it to keep personal products, a R$15,00 a day tax will be charged.

• The hotel does not allow the entrance and permanece of any species of animals.

• Smoking inside the rooms will not be tollerated. If one does not follow this norm, a R$350,00 fine will be charged for hygienic cleaning of the accomodation.

• Drinks, snacks and portions are sold during the period in which the restaurant is opened and are payed as an extra from the meals (nominal fee)

• The hotel does not have room service

• Guests have a 30 minute tolerance of permenence after its package is over. In case one stays in the room after the determined time, the hotel reserves the right of charging a late check out tax.

• The horseback rides are done inside the property of the hotel and all people are accompanied by an entertainer.

• The Day Use service offered by Hotel Santa Monica gives the right of use of all the leisure structure in the hotel, except for the termal area(heated pool and saunas). The time determined for the check-in for Day Uses is 8am, while the check-out is at 18pm, with right for breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks. Towels are lended for R$10,00 each.

• The hotel organizes the visiting to the Circuito das Frutas (Fruit Circuit). Each guests uses its own car and the payment is made at the property. The trip is accompanied by our entertainers.

• We are not responsible for objects left inside any of the rooms in case they were not declared at the hotel’s front desk

• We are not responsible for objects left inside the vehicles.

•It is expressively prohibited to go on the tree climbing circuit without being accompanied by an authorized proffesional who can operate the equipment.

Meals Time Schedule:
Lunch: 12h30pm – 15pm
Afternoon Snack: 17pm – 18pm
Dinner: 19h30pm – 22pm
Gym: 7am – 22pm
Heated pool: 8am – 22pm

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