Usual Doubts

Are championships and games with kids done by the hotel?

Yes . Varied activities are carried out in the field, in addition to football.

Who is responsible for the pool activities?

The entertainers are responsible for the pool
activities. When there is a holiday, vacation or specific weekends, they prepare three different schedules for three different age rates: adults, teenagers and children. The schedule starts at 9am and goes until 10pm.

What are the main activities done in the pool?

There are different activities for different age rates: water aerobics, water recreation, water polo and water volleyball.

What are the time restrictions for the playground?

There are no restrictions, since the playground is illuminated.

The activities in the pool are recommended for all ages ?

For any age group without restrictions.

In case of an accident, is there a nurse or doctor at all times?

There are only basica materials for small injuries.
In serious cases, which fortunately never happened, we direct the injured to the town’s Santa Casa. There are serious civil restrictions, consequences and responsabilities that need to be suffered if case the injured is not treated by a doctor, but by a not specialized person.

Is the soccer field covered?


How does the tree climbing circuit work?

The tree climbing circuit is designed for groups of at least 25 people and according to the hotel’s availability. It is executed by a professional, trained and cabable team, assuring that the activity is done with safety by the guests.

Is there a minimal age for the tree climbing circuit?

There is not a minimal age, but the person needs to have at least 1,40 meters of height.

What are the other activities promoted inside the hotel?

Games circuits, games in general, gymnastics classes, relaxing sessions, artistic activities with “guache” paint, mosaics, movies, shows, theaters, bingos.

What playground toys compose the playground?

Slide, swings, doll house, trampoline, big fort with swings, bases, stairs and climbing walls.

What is the minimal age to play in the trampoline?

There is no minimal age, but the maximum age is 12 years old. The maximum height is 1,30m. The trampoline supports a maximum od 120 Kg. For safety reasons, only two kids can utilize the trampoline at the same time and always accompanied by parents.

Why did the hotel install the trampoline?

Because children enjoy it very much.

What size is the tennis and volleyball court in the hotel?

They both have official dimensions. We have a beach volleyball court and a tennis court.

What size is the soccer field?

35m X 40m.

Does the hotel provide tennis rackets and balls?

No, because tennis rackets and balls are items of
personal preference of each player.

What are the other activities promoted by the hotel?

Games circuits, games in general, gymnastics classes, relaxing sessions, artistic activities with “guache” paint, vegetables sculpture, modeling with biscui, “decoupagem”, mosaics, movies, shows, story teller, bingos, makeup workshops, caipirinha championships, musical shows, stand up comedy shows, magic shows, trip to the Circuito das Frutas property, massages, besides all the schedules organized by the Santinhos. Some of these activities require a tax. Consult the schedule for the period you are interested in.

Are all pools heated?

The covered pools are. The pool with a slide is
climatized, but the other external ones are not.

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